This is our speciality. For detailed background on our three generations of family involvement with seaside entertainment - and our Original World famous Brighton Punch and Judy - check out our dedicated Punch and Judy website. For the no-frills option without all the bells and whistles stay on this page. Cat's Pyjamas include the only father and daughter Punch and Judy team in England (and probably the first ever such). Punch and Judy is a traditional artform that needs skill, practice, dedication and the ability to stay in tune with one of the great comic puppets of world folk drama. Only then can you really say "That's The Way To Do It!"

Prof. Katey (Peanuts) Wilde and Prof. Glyn (Cappuccino) Edwards have between them brought Mr. Punch and his madcap cast to venues as far apart as the British Embassy in Moscow, The Millenium Dome, Brighton beach and the streets of Naples. They can bring them to your event too.

Exceptions: We don't offer 'adult' Punch and Judy and generally speaking we don't perform on the children's party circuit.

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